1st Infographic sketch.

Stand For Trees REDD+ illustrations for the campaign.

I’ve been involved in a campaign called Stand For Trees their main goal is to educate the population especially the young ones against the ideas of mass deforestation and degradation plus reducing overall carbon emissions, for a better, cleaner future. I have had the opportunity to make several illustrations for this campaign which I hope will portray the message they’re trying to deliver.

"People living near tropical forests are often small-scale farmers, growing food crops or small amounts of commercial crops like beef, soy, palm oil, or coffee. These activities let them earn food, income, or both. Unfortunately crops need land, and without an alternative, farmers can often earn more money from clearing forests to expand their farms than from keeping them standing."

Insta-How-it-works-REDD-2 копия.jpg

The thumbnail Illustration.


Stand For Trees icons.


Icons sketches.

"That’s because someone has to set up a system to send the money to local communities, to patrol the forests, to train locals in other activities, etc. That’s what our projects do, and that’s where your money goes. But the most important thing is that with Stand For Trees, you’re paying for a successful outcome. Compare this to campaigns, which may or may not be successful."