I am an artist and illustrator World based.

I was born in a small but prominent town of Oka. When I turned 5, I began spending a lot of time with my grandparents. They worked as researchers in the Oka Reserve. Everyday my grandmother would pick me up from school and we went to the reserve to study the structure of butterflies and other insects. At home, I drew my impressions of what happened during the walk. 


Every day my grandmother, Oksana, inspired me to create new drawings. She tried her best to play with my imagination and develop it. Then I learned that there are various materials to work with such as watercolour, gouache, crayons, coal. As I got older, I started taking drawing lessons as well as clay modelling after school. I drew inspiration from the incredible beauty of nature around me, in addition to muse from my own roots which are East European traditional art. 


Commonly, peers my age remember the 90s in Eastern Europe as a very harsh period for the country. The period of ‘perestroika’ and economic crisis, but at the same time a period of complete freedom (rather uncontrolled freedom). However, my family was barely affected during these horrible period as we managed to be in a sort of oasis and safe haven in the Oka Reserve. You could almost say we lived in isolation as if under the hood of a rose from the Little Prince.


I was born in ’92. The year can be considered the beginning of democracy in our country, a country where the bright ideas of communism and socialism have sunk into oblivion. During the 90’s, through all the hard ‘perestroika’,  capitalism began to bloomed, and with it a variety of ways to express our freedom. The country was going through ‘perestroika’ and together with it, the spirit of freedom, independence and openness to the world. You could just smell freedom in the air and this in a way inspired me to create new paintings. 


After school, I enrolled myself into the Rome University of Fine Arts, where I specialised in Arts in Comics and Illustration. Times have changed, and so has our country, and more questions have been raised about the value of human rights and the application for freedom of speech, democracy and self expression. As an artist who grew up in the 90s, being in the Oka Reserve during this period of my life, I was very much influenced at a very young age to the principles and art of freedom of self expression (which is portrayed through my artworks) and to admire the natural harmony of colours and shapes. 


I’m very thankful and grateful for my great heritage of European School of Art, in the late XIX - early XX centuries. Application of these principles can be traced in my work throughout the years.